Big news is New Years Eve I will be playing the special  Ramble at the Theatre of Key West. How cool is that? Terry will be there and we will play separately and together along with the fine Ramble band and Terry Wetmore and the Shanty Hounds . The show is from 8-10 with a jam after an  intermission. Make us part of your New Years Eve plans


  I have been fortunate enough to go back to Blue Heaven , Hogs Breath , Sloppy Joe's , Geiger Key marina ,even Captain Tonys Saloon.
I still have weekly gigs at Schooner Wharf and Boondocks very Thursday night with Terry Cassidy and that gig is going great , Terry and I really have a strong duo. We are still playing at Sugarloaf Tiki ,HogFish and, and Marathon Seafood festival. to name a few ..We also have been the entertainment gurus for almost two years at Boondocks ..


Fast forward .... I have been playing a little with The Happy Dog Band and man I love it .Jessie Wagner , Jeremy Tucker and Keith Snyder good people and fine musicians . Playing the good old Grateful Dead and eclectic mix of music I love with these guys is a thrill and this coming new year we will be doing shows together ...


That old Hippie Band will be playing at the Theatre of key west and doing shows at Schooner Wharf , Sloppy Joes and Boondocks when we have our annual get together . All of the band will be playing . Will Hoppie , Pete Jarvis ,Terry Wetmore ,Tom Conger ,Russ Scavelli ,  Greg Shanli, Emily Springsteen and yours truly .....

I am Trying my best to keep this site up to date and big news is I am recording again ......also That Hippie Band reunion went so well we have been invited to play at the Theatre of Key West net season  along with shows at Schooner... 
OK enough rambling  ... have fun .. enjoy 

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back at Geiger Key  

Back at Geiger Key marina  ..  I'm very happy to get over there and see old friends hopefully meet some new ones .The Tiki Is looking great the food is very good and they have a full bar . it's a no brainer .
Sugarloaf Tiki has been great and Now I will be playing with Terry once a month and The happy Dog Band will play on the Beach regularly . I will be  back at the Hogs Breath after football season once in a while and Margaritaville has been very steady once a month .. so yes I am blessed ...


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Paul Cotton POCO

Schooner Wharf

Playing Bass with the Paul Cotton band ,, all those wonderful POCO tunes .. LOVE IT ...