Oh Man where to start ? I hope you are all safe and sound . What a horrible thing is happening . Please take care .

The Brand new CD is out and available everywhere . Right here on the store page in fact .

Thanks for visiting my website . I am not playing out at all . I will reassess the situation at the end of July but for now I'm staying home .

I will continue to live stream VIA Facebook but no set schedule on that . when the moment strikes I guess ,

Hopefully Happy dog or Three legged dog will resume our live stream Sunday again possibly starting back up on July 12th 

The Happy Dog band is so much fun for me . I'll be playing bass on a bunch of upcoming shows . All the songs I love , high energy .Great people .

Thank you all , Have fun 



Happy Dog will play the Coffee Butler Amphitheater November 21st  

Happy Dog will play the amphitheater November 21st as a first show after this very long break .

Unfortunately Sugarloaf Tiki has been closed and Sunset Tiki is also still closed . so the best friendliest 

great vibes and people are gone for now . There is no timeline for them to reopen  :(   Jesse and I will be playing some duo shows 

starting in late oct . For now I"m still at Schooner Wharf . Tipsy Rooster has turned out to be a great place so look for me to be there 

more often . 

New CD in the works . While in quarantine I wrote a whole bunch of tunes and have started recording them at Ian Shaws studio.

I am not sure how much of a production I am going to do, I would like to keep it more acoustic and vocal  but once you start hearing other instruments and voices  its easy to just go deep . at any rate the acoustic CD will be out in December .


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