Gary Hempsey Lives in Key West Florida and plays regularly at . Schooner , Sunset Tiki , Green Parrot, Salty's, Casa .  -Island wide you could say .  A well known musician on a 2x4 Island but his popularity does travel . Playing to thousands of people from around the world every year.  Gary plays adult Acoustic alternative , from soft acoustic to cutting edge shading influences from all the artist he interprets  . Gary has put out 4 CDs . of original songs so the material is abundant and varied. Writing parodies or pop or songs in-between all along the way  The newest 2020 release ( Don't forget where you come from ) is all over the digital world . Pressed into an LP. has drawn attention . The record has been getting lots of play and downloads . Each track is a story  . The record takes you  for a ride like putting on  Vinyl is supposed to .

Doing  280 shows last year from the Canadian Border to the bottom of the map  Drawing from such a wide songbook of originals and playing  all those great covers  keeps playing solo  fresh .

Playing with The Happy Dog  is like being on all the rides in the amusement  park . Playing rhythm guitar and vocals in one of Key West Favorite bands  and traveling a bit with them . Look us up on youtube or FB. 

That old Hippie Band (as we are know) is a stage band creating a 60s show to a decked out theater with a costumed audience is an annual event from That Hippie Band as they say. it's all silly but has been a great time for 15 years , give or take . Playing the Theater and amphitheater  . Guitars / Bass / Vocals . Chief cat herder 

Paul Cotton Band . What a pleasure to play all those POCO songs with the band for so many years . Singing harmonies to Crazy Love , all those tunes .I actually played a songwriters in the round with Paul LOL what do you play after he plays Heart of the Night ?  oh boy is right .  Rhythm guitar / Bass / vocals with the band . 

Gary learned to play at the Philadelphia School for guitar Moved to San Francisco slid down to L.A.  put some miles on the van and found  Key West . Playing   with many artist  dropping names is a silly thing to do at this point .lets say he's the only non country act to open up for Kenny Chesney , Big gigs /little gigs . Fantastic gigs and OH BOY lets bail gigs 25 solid years of  making a living  as a musician. 

Since this is a BIO i have to drop names and places like...San Francisco  .I Beam , golden Gate Park , Full moon saloon . winner of BAM 24 hour band jam .Red Victorian , Slims , Paradise . 

Every Dive Bar in L.A.  no kidding .... Topanga canyon jam . outer rims grapevine and back to Al's bar .

Drove for H.B.O Taxi cab Confessions in Las Vegas and played in a GD cover band called August West . That T.V. show aired for years and now I can't find it .

Musical roots  of a very twisted tree . Too many influences . When interviewed once and ask about influences I said Ricky Ricardo ( being funny ) but Ricky always went to the club , not to work . 

Gary Is playing regularly in the lower Keys and Key West . from an internship at Captain Tonys to his current  gigs the music is always unique and listenable , Gary is a Key West Favorite .Next to come is the return to Duval Street so watch out  . Still Booking acts for a couple of places  is a great way of  keeping in touch with all the local musicians  .New music is being recorded   . be sure to sign up on my mailing list and contact me , ,