Hello , So much has happened i'm not sure where to begin so let's start by saying thank you.  when me and my family needed it most you were right there and certainly my partner Terry Cassidy. Thats all in the rear view now and  I'm back to work and with a very full and diverse schedule as you can see here on the site. 

This year I have started playing at Spencers at the Reach . it's right on the water real nice property and sweet gig way far from Duval Street . We also kinda got the band back together playing with Russ Scavelli , Greg Shandli and Bob Tucker . The Gary Hempsey band rides again . We will be playing at Schooners , Boondocks and a few other surprise places that i didn't think possible  hah . 

Sugarloaf Tiki is having me most Wednesdays this season from 7-10 C.C. is this best and the good people and vibe cant be beat . You want the Keys ? this is it .

The Happy Dog band is so much fun for me and I will be joining the band when possible  we do have dates posted playing with Jesse Wagner , Jeremey Tucker , Adam Constantine , Keith Snyder , Tony Thomas . WOW what great and talented bunch. 

Also some interesting acoustic gigs with Jesse and with Russ also Acoustic band gigs coming up at Sugarloaf . Thats gonna be crazy good .

Thank you all , Have fun 



Sugarloaf , Schooner, Boondocks , Sunset Tiki, and a full schedule . 

Sugarloaf Tiki has been great and Now I will be playing with Terry once a month  . I will be  back at the Hogs Breath after football season once in a while and Margaritaville has been very steady once a month .. The Happy Dog Band has been a fun fill in project for me . A very talented group and of course Grateful dead Pink Floyd , JGB is so fun to play I love it and I will be Joining the whenever possible .The dates are listed on my schedule . This New Year I will be playing with the new old hippie band or Gary Hempsey Band so look for us around town . 



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