Oh Man where to start ? I hope you are all safe and sound . What a horrible thing is happening . Please take care .

The Brand new CD is out and available everywhere . Right here on the store page in fact .

Thanks for visiting my website . I am not playing out at all . I will reassess the situation at the end of July but for now I'm staying home .

I will continue to live stream on Facebook but no set schedule on that . when the moment strikes I guess ,

Happy Dog will play at the Coffee Butler amphitheater on November 21st  6-9pm. 

Jesse and I will be playing a few duo shows at Blue heaven and Schooner Wharf . The days or on the shows page . 

The Happy Dog band is so much fun for me . I'll be playing bass on a bunch of upcoming shows . All the songs I love , high energy .Great people .

Thank you all , Have fun 



Happy Dog will play the Coffee Butler Amphitheater November 21st  

Happy Dog will play the amphitheater November 21st as a first show after this very long break .

Unfortunately Sugarloaf Tiki has been closed and Sunset Tiki is also still closed . so the best friendliest 

great vibes and people are gone for now . There is no timeline for them to reopen  :(   Jesse and I will be playing some duo shows 

starting in late oct . For now I"m still at Schooner Wharf . Tipsy Rooster has turned out to be a great place so look for me to be there 

more often . 

New CD in the works . While in quarantine I wrote a whole bunch of tunes and have started recording them at Ian Shaws studio.

I am not sure how much of a production I am going to do, I would like to keep it more acoustic and vocal  but once you start hearing other instruments and voices  its easy to just go deep . at any rate the acoustic CD will be out in December .


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