What an insane time we have been through , My heart goes out to so many wonderful people that are gone . I am so sorry for their friends and families .It's been dark but Lots of light now coming through. 

I'm back to playing a full schedule here in the Keys at some very cool places some famous Duval Street joints and some hidden gems on the water that I couldn't even find . lol .. I love it here . 

I will continue to live stream on Facebook but no set schedule on that . when the moment strikes I guess ,.Thanks for your encouragement on the live streaming . 

the Hemptones ? Why not , I've assembled a Cracker Jack band of rag tag mirth makers and we are playing out, if the good bands cancel we get the gig . :) NAH only kidding . once in a while I get to just have fun , invite friends and the Hemptones spring into action,

The Happy Dog band has been so much fun for me .  We are at Schooner,  Kikis Sandbar , Green Parrot , Salty Frogs..Salute. . New Years Eve We will Play at Kikis from 10-1 . we love that venue , on the Beach.

IPlease  scroll down this page for schedule  or go to shows for a click on calendar .

Crazy  times for sure . Please stay safe , be aware . let's work together  .

Thank you all , Much love and Respect 


Here is a little Bio .





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